Useful Links

Linux Distributions

Which Distro is Right for Me? - a concise guide on to the more common Linux Distros - a massive directory of available and historical Linux Distributions. Provides popularity charts and other general data.

Debian - one of the most thoroughly tested Linux distributions

Ubuntu. Also check out the other "Ubuntu Flavours"

Linux Mint - a derivative of Ubuntu that many prefer

Turnkey Linux - ready-built Linux application servers for many different purposes


Apple UK

Apple history - Wikipedia entry


Andriod Worldwide

Android history - Wikipedia entry


Microsoft UK

Microsoft history - Wikipedia entry

Desktop Applications

LibreOffice - a powerful Office suite compatible will all commonly used office documents

GIMP - a hugely capable image editor for graphic design, photo editing and illustration work

Inkscape - professional drawing application for working with SVG and PDF documents

MuseScore - create, play and print sheet music

Web Development - the best starting place for tutorials and reference data on all web technologies

Mozilla Developer Network - another excellent source for tutorials and reference material on web technologies - PHP scripting language, on-line documentation and help. developer site - The widely used database server, on-line documentation and help.

W3C HTML validation service - or checking your HTML markup.

W3C CSS validation service - for checking your CSS files.

Linux User Groups - Home of the UK Linux User Groups

Powys Linux User Group - The site includes lots of useful information.

Shropshire Linux User Group - The site includes lots of useful articles, particularly for the beginner.

Other useful resources

The Story of Linux - video made for the 20th anniversary of Linux in 2011





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